Specialized Services

Welcome to National Concrete Cutting, Inc.

Concrete cutting and coring is a vital part of most construction or demolition projects. Our teams made a reputation as being the best in the Council Bluffs - Omaha -Metro Area for providing the services you need anytime, anywhere and in any environment. We arm our teams with the most up to date tools and equipment so we can handle any job that comes our way and our trucks are complete with water and power.
Here is a little about what we do:

Flat Sawing - This method is to create a straight edge on a flat surface. Typically flat sawing is done to provide expansion joints, to make openings for elevators, stair wells, machine pads, street panels and trenches as well as for reservoir cuts and demolition purposed. Our saw can cut with precision up to 33" deep.

Core Drilling - This method is used to create round holes primarily to run cables, conduit, pipes and wire thru walls and floors, even at an angle and at any depth. Though our trucks are stocked at all times with sizes from 1/2" to 12", we do have to say we have a bit selection larger than most with 1/2" increments up to 10", whole sizes up to 12" and 2" increments after going up to 52". Odd and larger sizes are available upon request.

Wall Sawing - This method is to create or enlarge window and door openings. Wall sawing is also used to create access for plumbing, electrical wire and air vents. Our saws can cut with precision up to 30" deep.

Hand and Chain Sawing - This method allows us to get into smaller or tight areas where our larger saws will not fit as well as for smaller openings on floors and walls. Chain sawing also creates square corners and can cut with precision up to 24" deep. Hand sawing can create flush cuts against walls and floors and can cut with precision up to 24" deep.

Wire Sawing - details coming soon.

Span Sawing - details coming soon.
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