Electric Specialized Services

Welcome to National Concrete Cutting, Inc.

Just like our specialized services, we have a a selection of electric equipment services used in areas that require zero-emissions. Generally these services are used in areas that are still occupied or are already enclosed.

Our electric specialized services include:

  • Electric flat sawing (up to 12" deep)
  • Electric bobcat S70 (36" wide; 2500 #)
  • Electric excavator 418 (28" wide; 2400 #)
  • Electric hand saw (up to 6" deep)
  • Floor grinder
  • Scarifier (generally leaves behind a rough finish and may create ridges in the concrete. On jobs where you need a smoother finish, you may need to grind the surface after scarifying.)
  • Carpet puller
  • Floor scraper (available in electric or propane)
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